The Confessing celebrity Botox injections

Botox is a drug that is injected into facial skin to remove wrinkles and make the face look younger. First, many people do not admit that they did this a beauty treatment techniques. But now more and more are not shy anymore. Celebrity-celebrity following example.

Jenny McCarthy (40 years) Former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy has admitted to using botox every two months. "I asked my doctor to inject a little on my forehead wrinkles. That's a little secret to my beauty."

Jennie Garth (40 years) The former star of "Beverly Hills 90210" was admitted to People magazine in 2008, "I use it but just a little bit. I do not want my face to be changed."

Janice Dickenson (57 years) The former supermodel was admitted as one of the first users of botox. "Since the beginning of its launch, I was directly in line. I use it every six months. If that makes me look younger, I would live for botox," Janice told People magazine in 2004.

Sharon Osbourne (60 years) Sharon Osbourne is one of the early celebrity who never hid the fact that she uses Botox. "I ask the doctor to inject it in my head," Sharon said in 2003 in People magazine.

David Haselhoff (60 years) "I use botox, everyone in Hollywood uses botox," said the former star of "Baywatch" was in People magazine in 2006.

Courteney Cox (48 years) The actress admitted to having tried Botox, but stopped because it did not like it. "I'm an actress and I should be able to move my face," he said.

Vanessa Williams (49 years) "I use it properly. I want to still look natural," Vanessa said in an interview with the magazine BellaSugar 2009.

Nicole Kidman (45 years) "I hate to see the results, and I could not move my forehead when I was just injected with botox. Now I do not use it anymore," I'm Nicole on TV Movie magazine in 2011.

Simon Cowell (53 years) Not only women who use botox. The men like Simon Cowell loved it. "To me, Botox is a matter of course. As usual with the toothpaste," she told Glamour magazine.

Jennifer Aniston (43 years) "A lot of people thought I routinely inject botox, but not. Of course I never tried it, but I'm trying to be careful," said Jennifer at InStyle magazine in 2011.

Eternal Mode Hair

Can not be denied, the development of hair fashion so quickly. But from so much that we've seen, these modes remain, even since the 18th century and still be an inspiration for women today.

Bangs, hair style originated from the phenomenal Bettie Page in the 50's that then spread throughout the world. Variants of this hair was now mixed.

Bob, this piece begins with a short hair phenomena that many women choose Europe. Popular in America around the early 20's and led to controversy as the identity of the woman at the time. Currently bob hair fashion that is most preferred because of its simplicity does not let the elegant and classic.

Beehive, adapting the form of a beehive on the back-volume, hair fashion has grown since the 60's with Audrey Hepburn as a trendsetter. Until now, the haircut is considered as one of the most enduring in the world.

Perm, a radical version of the hair you see on American television shows of the 80s. Now the development, perm hair model can be applied with less frequent waves. Not as curly first.

Pixie, often diasosikan as the tomboyish pieces. Mia Farrow and popularized by British model Twiggy. Until now, pixie cut is still a favorite of women.

Ponytail, or so-called horsetail. Variations of this hair is still growing today. Originally developed from the 18th century in Europe and is now a powerful symbol of the feminine.

Beauty and intelligence are Parallel

Lined a scholarship at the prestigious American universities, Ivy League, scholarly journals and writes the best thesis, and believe in the passion for selecting a preferred career. This is the celebrity that you've been familiar on the big screen, television, and radio but have achievement and intelligence above average. Be prepared to be inspired to exude charm on you.

Jodie Foster is known by a myriad of accomplishments in the field of films since 1988. Academic achievement in the field was no less impressive. He graduated magna cum laude at Yale University for penjurusan literature. In addition to speaking fluent French, he used to speak Italian and German. Had also received his honorary Doctor of Fine Arts in 1994.

Sharon Stone. since childhood has a tremendous achievement in addition to appearances on the big screen fascinated him. In the middle class, he had followed the Saegertown High School and entered the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania at the age of 15. With his IQ is in the numbers 148, Sharon many associations of people alleged to be members of the prestigious Mensa smart.

Natalie Portman, famous for his quote, "I prefer [to] be smart than a movie star. I do not care about my school ruin my career." Proved by him as our one of the best graduate the prestigious Ivy League university, Harvard. He also mastered several languages ​​and has written several scientific journals.

Kate Beckinsale. Beyond the life of the big screen, she also had won three times WH Smith Young Writers, fiction and poetry of a prestigious competition in the UK. He also enrolled at the university's prestigious Oxford University.

Mira Sorvino won the Academy Awards are known since for Best Supporting Actress for the film Mighty Aphrodite in 1995. Not separated from the great achievements of intellect that inspired many people. Evidenced by Hoopes award for his thesis in college he made about racial conflict in China. He is also a Harvard graduate with superior magna cum laude status.

Alicia Keys. R & B singer had received a full scholarship at Columbia University who also is one of the prestigious university in America. Amount of passion in music made ​​him leave the study and success as a singer.

Geena Davis. It is hard to categorize this intelligent woman. He was more than just an actress, because it has a myriad of achievements and good qualified by academics. Thanks to his high IQ, he can join the club of international genius, Mensa.

Aishwarya Rai. This is a typical Bollywood actress intelligent woman with a majority of the value of A at each study that passed through the Ruparel College, India. He graduated in architecture and master several foreign languages ​​and language variants smoothly India.

Zooey Deschanel and her Vintage Appearance

New Girl in the series and his appearance as the lead singer of indie folk group She and Him, Zooey Deschanel was the inspiration for those who want to experiment fashion back to the 60's and geeky-look. Outside the world of television, he does like to collect vintage clothing and clever memadumadan but still look new. Find out how to appear "effortlessly cool" style of Zooey to exude charm you.

Tips for Choosing Match Face Shape Earrings

Tips for Choosing Match Face Shape Earrings

Despite its small, the use of earrings that are close to the face can have a major influence. Error using this type of earrings can make the face look wider or disproportionate. What kind of earrings to match your face?

Is your face round? Box? Or oval? Earrings what suits your face type? Consider the following guidelines in this gallery.

Round Face: If the width and length of your face about the same, meaning you are the owner of a round face like Cameron Diaz. Long earrings that narrowed at the bottom of the suit worn for special occasions. Earrings of this type could create the impression of the face is longer and slimmer. Avoid hoop (hoop earrings), which is too small earrings or earrings are made from thick to make the face look more solid.

Cameron Diaz

Heart Faces
: For daily activities, the owner of this face shape can choose earrings shaped like a grain that is used Scarlett Johansson, or the width of the triangle on the bottom. Avoid earrings shaped like your face is wide above and narrowed below. Shaped earrings will make your jaw line look more narrow.

Scarlett Johansson

Heart Faces : Owner of the heart-shaped face like Reese Witherspoon, the curve of her face is almost similar to an oval face. The difference is, the owner of the forehead is slightly wider face and grooves over the cheekbones to the chin looks pointy. Owner of the face of this type should choose earrings that can give the illusion of a longer face and jaw a little wider. Long earrings are smaller on top and wider at the bottom can be selected.

Reese Witherspoon

Faces Box : The face is shaped like a box is a combination of round and square face shape. Paris Hilton faces the owner of this type always look up to with long earrings are round or oval, or circular hoop or known by the name of hoop earrings. In essence, the owner of this face should avoid the big earrings, shaped elbows or rigid.

Paris Hilton

Oval face : For length, matching the proportion of the face and neck. If in doubt choose the length of earrings you should select that is not longer than your chin. To the size, adjust the width of the face to look like Julia Roberts remained proportional.

Julia Roberts

Round Face : Earrings rectangular shape, inverted triangle, or oval as used Kirsten Dunst has always been the right choice to make the face look longer.

Kirsten Dunst

Diamond face : If your face is wider at the middle and tapered at the forehead and chin means you have a diamond shaped face. For this face type, choose earrings that narrowed at the top and broad at the bottom. Earrings are short, triangular-shaped grains of water or could be an option for owners who face this type with Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba

Faces Box : The right earrings can make the face look softer lines and sweet. The use of long earrings are strongly advised to make the face seem slimmer as exemplified Demi Moore. Small earrings, round or droplets of water can also be used for everyday occasions. For special events, select long earrings accented with round or oval.

Demi Moore

Oval face : Long face and not too wide at the top and bottom is ideal. Almost all types of earrings to match the style of the owner of Megan Foxs face it. Pearl earrings, simple earrings, or earrings in the form of water droplets is the most suitable types of earrings to wear on an oval face.

Megan Foxs

Diamond face : For long earrings, select the grooved as used Nicole Kidman, and not a straight flat earrings can make the face look even sharper elbows. The best option is a short earrings that can balance the width of the curve of your chin to be more sweet.

Nicole Kidman

today's thoughts.

Oh my goodness... we have just started getting back some of the photos from our wedding photographers, and they are awesome. Like, crazy good... our wedding looks like a fairy tale.  My wedding photographer husband even thinks so, and he can be a pretty hard person to please. I promise to share them with you all, once we have more.  Promise. 
Today I've been married for 2 weeks, and life is finally settling back into normalcy. Not that I know what that is.  I haven't had this slow-paced of a life in several years, and though I'm trying to make the most of it... I'm ready for excitement. The wedding was a good way to keep me distracted from the fact that I am, and have been in the same city for months.  I haven't been flying. I work a normal Monday-Friday job.  Things are looking up in terms of getting back to the skies, but due to the length of time that I've been on the ground, I'm going to be forced to re-certify.  That sucks. Training is not fun, at all, but if that's what it takes... sign me up. 
I'm going to be honest with you... this year got off to a pretty rough start. I was told that I couldn't work. The reasoning was ridiculous, and to no fault of my own. I was angry, upset, and things were feeling pretty hopeless. It's not often that you find a career that you love, and then have that taken away from you. I felt as though my entire identity was lost. I was Krysta, the flight attendant. I had been since 2009.  I knew nothing else, and I had no desire to.  I didn't blog much about it, because it made me so upset.  I picked up jobs that I hated, just trying to contribute to our mortgage payments on the house that we'd bought just months prior, when all in life was perfect.   I was planning a wedding, and questioning why the man that I was marrying still wanted to go through with it. I won't deny that I was miserable and not much fun to be around. I'm so thankful that he was supportive and loved me even when I was a grumpy-pants for weeks on end.  
Eventually, I found another job that didn't involve waitressing or working for minimum wage.  I actually enjoyed it, as much as possible for a job that didn't involve air travel.   I'm still working there, and content with my routine... but not-so-secretly yearning for the life that I had before.  
This weekend Ryan and I drove back and forth watching planes takeoff and land at the Calgary airport. We could have spent hours there. We were like 2 kids in a candy store.  Heck, we were like ME in a candy store.  It's evident that until I'm back in the skies, nothing will fill that void. I'm restless on the ground. I need the thrill of takeoff. I need some turbulence. I  need adventurous layovers that I can't wait to come home and blog about.  I need to be that girl that can inspire others to chase their dreams and believe that anything is possible. That was me before, and it will be again.  I just have to learn the art of patience.  
On another (completely random) note, I'm a married lady now, and thus Krysta Larson is technically no longer my name. Well, I've yet to legally change it, but I plan to. Eventually. In my personal life, I'll from here on out be known as Krysta Shippelt (which is still crazy strange, even just to type). I'm still torn as to whether I change it online or not. Also, someday when I'm a big shot travel journalist traveling the world with my travel photographer husband, I'll need to decide what is a better title to have on my published books and various articles. Any thoughts?  Krysta Larson.  Krysta Shippelt.  Which book would you be more likely to buy?